How do I request a copy of an crash report?

Florida State Statute 316.066(5)(a) states that crash reports are confidential for period of 60 days after the report is filed. However, such reports are available to the parties involved in the crash including vehicle owners, their legal representatives, insurance companies/agents, prosecutorial authorities, victim services programs, and certain media outlets as described in the exemption. All authorized persons must have proper ID and have completed an “Affidavit for Release of Crash Report”.  Crash reports may be requested, in person, by phone (561)304-4867 or online at Forms • Palm Springs, FL • CivicEngage (  NOTE when you use the online link you will be directed to sign in or create and account to access the system.  You will only have to do this on the first visit.   For immediate access, authorized persons may request a report via the website.  

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