Pathway Park Connector Project

Village of Palm Springs

Park Connector Pathway

Sub-Phase I

Construction of Sub Phase 1 located at Davis Road east along Alemeda Drive to the crosswalk adjacent to Village Ballfields was completed in May 2021.  The project was funded using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.  This project included enhanced eight (8) foot sidewalks, pavers along crosswalks, directional signage, new landscaping, park benches, information board and Village stamped concrete seals.  The length of the Village ballfield includes an glow aggregate that illuminates at night.

Sub-Phase II Davis Road from Greenbrier to Lakewood Road

Construction of this sub-phase was completed in February 2022.  This sub-phase installed eight (8) foot wide sidewalks along Davis Road beginning at Greenbrier and moving south toward Lakewood Road.  Additional amenities include wayfare signage denoting distance to Village Park facilities.  

The pathway project is a Village-wide project linking neighborhoods and village parks.  The wide sidewalks allow for biking, jogging, skating and walking and is part of the Village's desire to allow residents the opportunity to easily access Village parks.  

This project is being funded thru the Village's Capital Improvement Plan, with grant funding from CDBG, the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, and Sales Infrastructure Surtax (One-cent Sales Tax). 

Upcoming Sub-Phases of the Park Connector Pathway 

Next sub-phase of the pathway project include installing a coquina pathway from Davis Road west to Kirk Road along the Village's easement of Canal Road.  This will allow access from east to west between these two Village streets.  The pathway is along a Lake Worth Drainage District controlled canal.  Additional amenities include native Florida landscaping and aesthetic improvements.

Future plans also call for the construction of eight (8) foot wide sidewalk along Davis Road (east side) from Alemeda Drive south to Pony Tail Palm Park and then the sidewalk will continue on the west side to Greenbrier Drive.  Once the pathway hits Greenbrier it will move west toward Foxtail Palm Park.  Enhanced sidewalk, decorative pavers, landscaping and wayfare signage are a part of this sub-phase.

For more information please contact the Village Parks and Recreation Department at Village Parks and Recreation Email.