Corrigan Ct.

Standing water conditions have been observed in the roadway and swales during minor rainfall events, most notably at the intersection with Lakewood Road where surface water cannot drain to the existing catch basins (see photographs).


Corrigan Ct. looking south Lakewood Rd. and Canal Rd. multiple photos

Existing Conditions:

GIS data for the existing system indicates swales along the east and west sides of the road and several catch basins. Pipe connections between catch basins were not shown in the GIS database. Connection to a point of outfall in the LWDD L-11 canal was confirmed during further field investigation of the area, which drains the portion of Corrigan Court between Lakewood Road and Canal Road.

A drainage system connects Serubi Avenue and portions of Corrigan Court, Gulfstream Road, and Cococut Road between Lake Worth Road and Lakewood Road. This system includes catch basins on the east and west sides of Corrigan Court, located about midway between the crossing roads. Outfall for these areas is provided through the FDOT-owned Lake Worth Road system. The point of connection to the FDOT system is located at the south end of Gulfstream Road.

LiDAR data indicates that Corrigan Court is similar in elevation to the adjacent properties. An isolated low point on the south side of Lakewood Road coincides with the approximate location of standing water. The trough in this area may potentially impact about 325 ft of roadway where runoff has no immediate route to the drainage system. SFWMD data showed no existing environmental permits along the affected portion of the roadway.

Recommended Improvements:

Swale grading appears minimal in photos of the area, which may potentially limit the ability of the system to collect and export runoff before it ponds. Restoration of swales along Corrigan Court and maintenance of the conveyance route contained within the full length of the existing drainage easement to Davis Road are recommended. The existing drainage system running north to the LWDD L-11 Canal and east to Gulfstream Road should be cleaned and videoed for further assessment. Pipes connecting to Serubi should be cleaned and videoed as part of improvements for that area.

Installation of additional catch basins approximately 100 ft south of the intersection of Corrigan Court and Lakewood Road will improve collection within the slightly lower area located there. Connection to the existing structures on the south side of Lakewood Road will allow collected runoff to outfall to the L-11 Canal. Installation of a manhole to make the connection may be needed pending further survey of the existing features.

Regulatory Approvals:

All proposed improvements are considered maintenance related and therefore regulatory approvals should not be required.

Project Cost:

Improvements along the portion of Corrigan Court between Lake Worth Road and Lakewood Road will cost approximately $165,000. Improvements between Lakewood Road and Canal Road will coast approximately $165,000. The estimated cost of proposed improvements for the entire length of Corrigan Court from Lake Worth Road to Canal Road is $330,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost, Schematic Design drawing, and diagram of the drainage area are attached.

Corrigan Ct. Lake Worth Rd. to Lakewood Rd. Engineers Opinion Cost breakdown

Corrigan Ct. Lakewood Rd. to Canal Rd. Engineer Opinion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage Improvement