Bermuda Rd.

Standing water conditions were observed along roadside swales and on private property along Bermuda Road.

Bermuda Rd. standing water at 2188 and 2181Existing Conditions:

 GIS data shows no existing storm water management features along Bermuda Road or Meadow Road (Village Road) to the south. Bermuda Road is bounded on the north by an existing development which separates the roadway from the LWDD L-8 Canal. No point of outfall was apparent from examination of the available information. LiDAR data shows higher elevations around the outside of the affected area which preclude discharge via overland flow and contribute to the likelihood of ponding. An ownership and encumbrance report was conducted for the development north of Bermuda Road, no drainage easements were found that could be utilized as a source of positive outfall for the roadway.

Existing SFWMD SWM permits in the vicinity of the drainage concern include Permit No. 82-00214-S for a commercial building with parking lot (Application No. X000007495), issued to Tucker & Johnson Office Building c/o Adair and Brady, Inc., SWM Permit No. 121-87-S (Application No. 08217-2) and ERP Permit No. 50-07661-P (Application No. 060808-8) for Gold Coast Federal Credit Union have been issued to Gold Coast Credit Union.

The nearest municipal drainage systems appear to along Congress Avenue and Prairie Road. Based upon review of the Congress Avenue drainage plans, FDOT did not account for the subject area to discharge through their system. The existing drainage system along Prairie Road consists of catch basins at the intersection with Meadow Road running south to the LWDD L-9 Canal. Prairie Road is a Palm Beach County Roadway.

The approximate drainage boundary was generated from the LiDAR information to quantify runoff generated within the basin.

Recommended Improvements:

There are a few options for the Village to consider; however each of these options will require other entities. It is our recommendation for the Village to coordinate with PBC to determine what options are available to install drainage systems along Bermuda Road, Meadow Road and Prairie Road, ultimately to the LWDD canal system (L-8 Canal, L-9 Canal or both).

Another possible option would be to acquire drainage easement from the adjacent properties to reach the LWDD L-8 Canal as depicted within the schematic design.

The schematic design depicts installation of catch basins adjacent to low points in the roadway centerline. Runoff collected in the proposed catch basins will be piped north to the north end of Bermuda Road, then east between two private parcels to the west side of Prairie Road. A culvert leading north along the west side of Prairie Road terminates at a proposed structure with an outfall pipe discharging to the LWDD L-8 Canal. A concrete endwall around the outfall will stabilize the protruding pipe and canal bank. Enacting these improvements will require agreements for a new easement in which storm water management components can be installed and maintained.

As no existing point of outfall is apparent, the estimated total cost includes provisions for incidental work that may be required to establish a route to a receiving body. Conveyance to the LWDD L-8 to the north would require installation of new features along Palm Beach Countyowned Prairie Road, which may entail acceptance of responsibility for drainage of the roadway. Conveyance to the LWDD L-9 to the south may be possible using existing Palm Beach County drainage features, but may involve acceptance of responsibility for repairing and/or maintaining those existing features.

In addition, access to the existing Prairie Road drainage system would be contingent upon installation of a new connection along Meadow Road. Catch basins were not observed along Meadow Road during field observations of the area, and future extension of the drainage system to include Meadow Road is advisable, even if not immediately required for drainage of Bermuda Road.

Regulatory Approvals:

The proposed system will outfall to the L-8 Canal. Approval by the Lake Worth Drainage District will be required prior to construction.

Project Cost:

Meadow Road (Contingency): $168,000

Prairie Road (Contingency): $336,000

Bermuda Road: $521,000

The estimated cost of all proposed improvements is $1,025,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost and Schematic Design drawing are attached.

Bermuda Rd. Engineers Opinion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage improvement