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Save the Honey Bees

Save the Honey Bees!

Honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Some of the reasons why bee colonies are collapsing is due to chemicals and pesticides, and loss of habitat and malnutrition. Think of all the ways bees help us: They pollinate our fruits and vegetables. They pollinate flowers. They provide beeswax for candles and cosmetics. And they provide honey!

What can we do to save the honey bees?

(1) Grow plants that bees use as a food supply

Pollination Solutions

(2) Being careful when using pesticides or insecticides

When you spray chemicals in your yard, honey bees take it back to their bee hive and give it to other honey bees. then the whole beehive becomes poisoned and dies. Also, birds, lizards, frogs and other critters, feed on honey bees so they are consuming the sprayed pesticide and insecticide. Basically, this travels throughout the ecosystem. Our wellness of the ecosystem is important for life on our Earth. Try using natural, organic measures and being pesticide-free.

(3) Relocate bee hives

When you have a bee hive or swarm in your yard that is of concern, consider relocation rather than removal (killing the bees). The best thing to do is to contact a bee relocation expert. If relocation is not an option, please clean up what is left of the bee hive after its destruction and, if needed, seal any cracks or holes that are larger than 1/4 inch in eaves or walls where the hive was located. This will help protect other honey bees that are out in the environment. Pollinator Protection

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