Stormwater / Drainage

Village of Palm Springs' stormwater management system has natural components such as lakes, as well as man-made components consisting of swales, weirs, retention ponds, catch basins and culvert piping. There are also canals, finished in 1925, maintained by the Lake Worth Drainage District.

During a storm rainfall running off homes, driveways, sidewalks and other impervious surfaces is called stormwater runoff. It carries debris, sediment, grease, oils and fertilizers which can pollute a water body. All water bodies are important because they supply a profound value for biodiversity. Humans and other species, whether plants or animals, need clean, adequate water to survive. That is why everyone needs to be conscious of their actions, so stormwater systems can efficiently meet multiple demands.

The Village's Public Works staff strives to provide an efficient, functioning stormwater system which is continuously inspected and maintained, and meets all requirements set by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency in compliance with the Village's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

The staff updates and maintains the system which provides the Village with efficient removal of excess rainfall to minimize flooding of streets, parking lots and residential areas. They also look for illegal dumping of pollutants into any stormwater facility, working with Code Enforcement. Finally, they enhance the Village's stormwater management plan using current information provided by state and federal resources to help us meet NPDES requirements.

Environmental issues are a front and center topic which increases the importance of stormwater management. Greater emphasis will continue to be placed not only on runoff control but also on the quality of runoff. Now that a stormwater utility fee has been implemented, it will help the Village to meet the requirements necessary to keep the program up to date. Funds will be available for improving drainage in those areas of the Village which still experience flooding during periods of heavy rainfall, while operating our entire system in a manner which reduces pollution.