Billing Information

Utility Bills

Utility bills are mailed approximately the 15th of each month. They are due upon receipt. Any payments not received by 5:00 pm on the 8th of the following month will incur a $15 late fee.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your utility bill, please do not hesitate to contact the Utilities Office and speak to one of our Customer Relations Clerks.


If the previous balances have not been paid in full by the indicated shut-off date, your service is subject to disconnection. Once your service has been interrupted, the past due balance on the account must be paid in full as well as a reconnection fee of $60 to restore service.


Payments may be made by using the following methods:

  • Online - Online first time users – Use the option “Register for a new account” Once the registration is complete, you will receive an email to verify your email address.  
  • Online - You will need your Customer Number to access the payment screen.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Form (EFT) Can be requested from our office - This will allow monthly automatic payment withdrawals from a checking or savings account on the first business day of the month.
  • Online Recurring Credit Card Payments - A onetime payment is required before activation. The payments will be automatically deducted the 5th   of every month. 
  • In person - Visit our office at 226 Cypress Lane.
  • By mail - Mail your payments to: Village of Palm Springs
    Utility Office
    226 Cypress Lane
    Palm Springs, FL 33461
  • Drive-up window
  • Night drop box

Night Drop Box

The night drop box is located between our library and utility drive-through.

It is recommended that any payments received in the night drop box be in the form of a check or money order. Your account number or customer number should be written on your check or money order.


There is a service charge for checks returned by the bank for any reason. The Village does not redeposit checks. Returned checks and the service charge must be paid in cash. In the event service has been disconnected due to a return check a reconnection fee must be paid to have service restored. The Village reserves the right to require future payments in cash after receiving a bad check.

How to Set Up an Account

If you are inquiring about new utility account with the Village of Palm Springs, please contact our office at (561) 965-5770 to speak with a customer relations clerk or email us at