Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance

The neighborhoods and structures in Palm Springs require maintenance to stay in good condition as they age. For most people, a home is the largest investment they will ever make. One of the functions of the Code Enforcement Unit is to protect this investment.

Individual structures and neighborhoods that are not maintained not only deteriorate beyond a usable point, they also cost residents more money. Property values fall, vandalism and crime occur more frequently, and neighborhoods become dirty and unattractive.

Enforcing Building & Zoning Codes

There is a simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods - individual property owner responsibility. Unfortunately, many people are not responsible owners. By enforcing building and zoning codes and minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc., property values are protected, neighborhood appearances are maintained, and surrounding property owners and tenants who might otherwise suffer from substandard conditions are defended.

View the Village Code of Ordinances.

Remember - The Code Enforcement Unit is here to help. Working together, we will prevent blight in our neighborhoods and throughout the village and further enhance the quality of life in our village.

Make a Complaint

The code enforcement officers work flexible hours to address code violations and / or complaints. Their objective is to have the businesses and residents come into voluntary compliance to assist the village in making Palm Springs "A great place to call home." For more information or to make a complaint, contact us. You can also submit a complaint online.

Further Code Enforcement Information

If you would like more information on Code Enforcement Information please contact one of our Code Enforcement Officers.