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Summary of Storm Water Non-Ad-Valorem Assessment

Over the years, the Village has experienced significant rainfall from storms that has caused substantial flooding in yards and driveways as well as along many of our residential streets, which prevents our community from safely traveling/evacuating over our roadways during a severe storm event. As a result, the Village Council is considering options in an attempt to proactively approach this problem by identifying future drainage improvement projects that will not only manage the stormwater, but also attempt to eliminate the issue of flooding in several of our neighborhoods. Repairs to our infrastructure are critical and would contribute to improving the livability of our community.

In an effort to determine how severe the Village’s stormwater and drainage issues are, our contracted engineer completed a “Stormwater Study for Justification of Interim Fees.” This report identified several infrastructure projects throughout the Village (if implemented and constructed) that would help manage and improve our existing drainage problems as well as to ensure safe streets during (and following) a heavy rainfall or serious storm (i.e., hurricane, tropical storm, etc.).

The proposed improvements would require significant funding to be completed and the Village is considering an annual non ad-valorem assessment to support our stormwater issues. The proposed stormwater fees being considered, as recommended within the Engineer’s report, are as follows:

Single Family Residential and Condominiums      

$  3.00 per month

Multifamily Units                                            

$  3.00 per month

Commercial (0-1 acre)                                   

$  5.00 per month

Commercial (1-5 acres)                                    

$10.00 per month

Commercial (5-10 acres)                                 

$15.00 per month

Public Hearing Scheduled

As a result, a public hearing will be held on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. (Village Hall – Village Council Chambers - 226 Cypress Lane) to consider implementing a non ad-valorem assessment on all properties located within the Village and authorize collection and funding for the Village’s stormwater management services and projects (Resolution No. 2016-51).

The proposed annual non ad-valorem assessment for stormwater management services, if approved, would begin on October 1, 2016 and would continue each year until amended. The stormwater management assessments will be included on the 2016 property tax bills issued to property owners in November. The assessment will be determined based on the total number of units per parcel [PBC Property Appraiser Property Control Number (PCN)]. The projected total annual revenue that the Village would collect, if approved, is expected to be $388,356.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to understand the significant stormwater and drainage needs that we are challenged within our community. By implementing this new funding source to support these issues, the Village will continue to be able to provide the high levels of service that we have enjoyed for many years. This option, if approved, would assist in ensuring the Village remains a great place to live, work and play.